Product Warranty

Please refer to your product’s User Guide for warranty information. As a general rule, QVIA/LUKAS warrants its products against defects under normal conditions of use.

Free-of-Charge Service & Proof of Purchase

All QVIA/LUKAS dash cameras and add-on products (mini DVR, Power Safety Devices, OBD II Module, etc.) bear a one-year warranty period unless otherwise specified.
All QVIA/LUKAS consumable accessories including memory cards, various power cables are covered by a six-month warranty from the date of purchase.
Free-of-Charge service is provided for malfunctions occurring within the warranty period stipulated above. A copy of the original proof of purchase must be provided by
the User requesting the service in order to obtain a free-of-charge warranty service.

Out-of-Warranty Service

1. Even within the warranty period, out-of-warranty fees may be charged if the malfunction is due to a User’s negligence. For example, if a product needs a repair due to accidental or ill-treated damage on the User’s behalf or because the product has been subjected to unfavorable operating conditions as a result of misuse or improper installation on the User's behalf, the User must pay for the repair cost. 2. The warranty does not cover third party products used with QVIA/LUKAS products.
3. The warranty does not cover malfunction of a QVIA/LUKAS product used with a third party product.
4.Malfunction occurring after the warranty period can only be repaired at a User’s cost.

Out-of-Warranty Service

1. Although QVIA/LUKAS dash cameras are designed to be used as an in-car recording device, the Company does not guarantee video recording of all accidents as Users’ environments vary. Accordingly, the Company is not responsible for any loss due to damages of the products, recorded files, and product failure. 2. QVIA/LUKAS products sold by unauthorized distributors and/or resellers, both offline and online, are the ones distributed in the grey market that do not observe the legal procedures required by the Company. Users who purchased QVIA/LUKAS products through such illegal sources are not eligible for warranty claims of any sort, including all-customer-related services. For more information please go to the DISTRIBUTORS page.

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