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  • My dash camera has GPS, but GPS time is incorrect.

    First, check if the GPS signal is stable. If you see letter 'F' on the bottom of the footage, please contact your local distributor for a repair service.
    If you see letter 'A', it means the GPS signal is stable. Try changing the time setting again on Qvia /Lukas Viewer. Make sure you have checked/unchecked the Day Light Saving Time option.

  • Why do I need the GPS option on my dash camera?

    With GPS, your dash camera will record extra information such as driving speeds, and location data. And once GPS signals are received, time will automatically be set on your dash camera.

  • The GPS signal is unstable.

    High buildings and poor weather conditions can result in unstable GPS coverage. Also, over-tinting and/or a rain sensor on the windshield can affect GPS reception. If the signal is unstable
    even when you are driving, please try changing the installation spot of your dash camera. If the problem persists, please contact your local distributor.

  • How long does it normally take to receive the GPS signal?

    For the first use, it takes about 15-20 minutes, and after that, it normally takes about 3 minutes. Please be noted that there are some areas such as in a tunnel or around tall buildings where
    the GPS signal may get lost.

  • How do I know the GPS reception status?

    Please check the bottom part of the video footage.
    [A] means GPS signal stable.
    [V] means GPS signal unstable
    [F] means GPS not working.

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